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Inland Empire's newest craft beer brewery & tasting room

The Old Stump Brewing Co.™

The Old Stump Brewing Co.™ will soon be one of the Inland Empire’s newest craft beer production brewery and tasting room; expected to open Summer, 2015. The Old Stump Brewing Co.™ features a large selection of handcrafted beer, made to perfection. The tasting room was designed with the intention of creating the perfect atmosphere for indulging in new experiences, flavors, music and fun. So, get yourself ready for the opening of The Old Stump Brewing Co.™; the perfect place to relax, unwind, and have a great craft beer.

Light Beers

Light beer refers to beer which is reduced in alcohol content or in calories, compared to regular beers.

Hoppy Beers

IBUs have become a synonym for hops themselves, rather than simply bitterness. More IBUs equal more hoppy aromas and flavors. However, simultaneously, the very definition of hoppy has expanded. Not long ago, “mild,” “floral” and “spicy” constituted a pretty complete list of adjectives for hop flavors.

Specialty Beers

Specialty, or Craft Beer – a high quality beer with a distinctive taste profile which appeals to senses, demonstrates integrity, encourages experimentation, and stimulates debate.

About the Old Stump Brewing Co.™

Old Stump Brewing Co.™ will feature a comfortable atmosphere with unbeatable Craft Beer…


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Old Stump Brewing Co.™ brews a wide variety of beer styles to appeal not just to the beer aficionado, but to…


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Hand Crafted Brew

Locals and travelers a far will have the opportunity to visit the Old Stump Brewing Co.™ & Tasting Room for a taste, or two, of our latest creations or just to relax and have one of the regular favorites, or even take a free tour of the brewery. So keep an eye out for our daily events page (coming soon). We are looking forward to serving you at the Old Stump Brewing Co.™ grand opening coming mid summer, and many years to follow.