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We’re brewing!

We hope you aren’t getting tired of hearing us say “we’re making progress”, but we are. So here’s what’s happened lately, the equipment is in it’s final resting place, all anchored down per CA seismic codes (if there’s an earthquake around here you all can come over and hang out with us, if your not already here because you’ll be safe here). Our Glycol system is done and pressure tested, and the electrical is in full swing as we got things sorted out with the manufacturer, the cold room is almost up and running (probably by this weekend it will be) and did I mention our glass front entrance has glass and is done (looks pretty awesome if you haven’t driven by lately). So as you see, the check list is getting smaller by the day which means we hope to be brewing in the next couple (few) weeks. Ahh I can smell the grain in the mash already.

As always, I can’t thank our friends and family enough for all the volunteer work they have provided over the past few months, helping us build our dreams. Oh and by the way, they have also done a great job on our test batches quality control, ummm did I say volunteer? anyway really good job, thanks!

Here is the latest look,

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