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Work continues

Work continues, as you can see the precision trench work, it’s not for the faint of heart, it takes a steady hand, nerves of steel and many hours of video gaming to have the coordination to master the multitude of levers. However, I’m none of those, so I’m glad I didn’t brake anything, but  the job got done with countless members of our family, Thank You all for that.

I’m not sure what all this has to do with brewing beer (that’s all I wanted), but they keep telling us to push on and eventually we’ll be making our amazing Old Stump craft beer and you all can come and enjoy it with us. We’ve had more and more of you stop by and say hello in the recent weeks, we really appreciate the support and can’t wait to give back to you all. Cheers!

Coming Soon

As we’re becoming more and more of a brewery, we started hearing that no one really knew exactly where we’re located, therefore, we felt it was time to hang out our sign in front of the building just to let everyone know where we work, swet, brew, sleep. . . well you get the point. So when your driving along Bonita Ave. on the West side of Garey Ave. keep your eyes out for us, we’re on the North side of the street and now you’ll see our new temporary sign while we ready The Old Stump Brewery for what it will do best, create handcrafted amazing beer, and provide a place to hang out and just enjoy life with like minded friends.

We’re getting real thirsty

As you can see we have our noses to the grind stone, because we’re getting real thirsty for some Old Stump brew. We just built our cold room and hung the glycol lines with drops, our chiller arrived (right on time thanks G&D Chillers) so that will be installed shortly, on top of all that we’re supposed to get our pumps and control panels this coming week. With all that work going on our brewing has really taken a hit, Old Stump Brew is in short supply right now (don’t panic) we’re fitting in some brewing time this week, after all that’s what we do and why we’re doing all this.

Progressing forward

Things keep progressing forward, most of our brewing equipment showed up and it’s starting to look more like the real deal, a brewery. We’re now working overtime trying to get our doors open so we can share our happy little place with all of you. Follow us on Twitter or facebook and let us now you’re out there, you can even sign in on our guest book on the website and stay posted on the latest happenings and be part of the initial few that could receive an invitation to one of our VIP pre-opening events

Time is just flying by

I can’t believe another month has gone by since the last post, time is just flying by as we are in full construction mode. Since the last post we’ve cut some concrete, excavated the new footings & a pad out back, completed all the metal rebar work and poured the new concrete back into the excavated sights. It seems a little crazy, because after all that work, the place looks about like it did when we started. However, we’re now ready the anchor down the brew house and tanks, which by the way are showing up in just a few days, this is becoming a reality! In fact our cold room showed up a few day ago so that’s ready to be constructed, remind me to add that to our list of things to do. Now all the detail work begins, connecting, finishing and finally making sure everything actually works and there’s a lot of that. Oh and then finally. . . . the beer!

Wish it was time to pour the beer

And finally it was time to pour the concrete (I wished it was time to pour the beer) unfortunately I was over ruled and the concrete started flowing.
So here we are, back were we stared, at least so it appears, however, we’re ready to anchor some equipment after the concrete cures. Another step closer to brewing our beer and spreading happiness to all that will have us. For now just know we’re hard at work on the next steps to getting the Old Stump brewery up and running Cheers!

Happy Holiday’s

Hi All, and Happy Holiday’s, it’s a few days before Christmas and construction is in full swing and the reality is, our Christmas holidays will be filled with joy and happiness, openig presents, drinking Holiday Ale and . . .oh oops, I meant, long hours and late nights of construction, but I will say we’re loving it. Building a dream might be hard, but it’s the kind of hard that we really enjoy. On the actual construction, our 3″ steel gas line (weighing in at well over 100 lbs per 21′ section) is in, and when I say in, I mean 20′ up suspended from the ceiling. Which was no easy feat and I will say I’m very proud that it’s up. We also have the water lines in place and working on electrical as well as the glycol line hangers and lines.

On the other hand our most exciting news is, our brew house and tanks are scheduled to arrive in about 3 weeks (3 weeks early)! Thank you Alpha Brewing Operations. They’re our equipment supplier and have busted their hump to get us our equipment ahead of schedule, and in our expanding industry that’s no easy feat, yeaha! The remaining equipment like chiller, cold room and such will actuatlly get here and be installed before the brew house shows up (if all goes as planned). Here is another peak at our brew house under construction, it’s really starting to look like the real thing.

So for the the brews, we just finished up another “Shot in the Dark” Black IPA and our always asked for (especially by the ladies) Honey Pale ale, which is really starting to attract a following. Thanks again for all the Face Book friends, the family is really growing, and if you get a change leave us a message on our website guest book, we love your thoughts and input. So from all of us here at Old Stump Brewery, we wish you all, Happy Holidays and a Happy as well as Safe New Year. Cheers!

A little sneak peak

For our latest post I’d like to give everyone a little sneak peak of our new brewing equipment. It’s still in the early stages of fabrication, so it doesn’t look like much yet, but I’ll tell you, the excitement is definitely growing here at the brewery. We’ll hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) be brewing on this equipment by February and turning out the hand crafted small batch brews we’ve been raving about.
While all this is going on we’ve also been working on the construction within the brewery and hopefully all the pieces of this master plan will soon come together and merged into one, and then we can call it a brewery and make some freakin beer!! Finally doing what we set out to do over two years ago – Chasing our Passion and our Dream.
As for the actual brewing that’s been going on, we’re finishing up our “Shot in the Dark” Black IPA which was a big hit last winter, we’ve modified the recipe a bit so we’re anxious to taste the new concoction, it should be an awesome blend of malts and Hops and Hops (oh did I say, and Hops!!).
That’s it for now, I hope your supporting the local breweries, as we are, they’re a great group of people and artisans – Happy Holidays from all of us here at Old Stump.

Support & Encouragement

First, I want to thank everyone out there for stopping by and giving us support and encouragement, as well as, all the friends we’ve been making on social media. It’s amazing how many people we’re running into that already know us through social media, I’m honored. So please sign in, post, email, or whatever method you prefer and let us know your out there, and we’ll keep you all posted as to the opening, now that the date is starting to get narrowed down.

To keep things on the lighter side, since talking about concrete, amps, flow volumes and that sort of stuff is no fun, I thought I’d share a peek at our new toy, hard at work (or should I saw hardly at work) it is kind of fun just buzzing around on it. See Barb enjoying the high life! Actually it’s our new (Ok, very used toy, but it’s ours) scissor lift, it makes installing Glycol lines a lot easier on those high ceilings.

After a tough day hanging electric, water and glycol lines, there’s nothing better than an Old Stump Barb Wire Blonde Ale, which just finished fermenting and is just about ready for serving. We’re all looking forward to serving you one soon!

Remember to support your local breweries, and we’re really starting to get a great local variety

Cheers Everyone!

Cheers Everyone! Yes it’s true we finally recieved our ABC license and things are progressing nicely. Construction has begun on the brewery side albeit slowly, as this process of permits and licenses continues. Our fine city of Pomona CA is now reviewing the plans for our Tasting Room (hope that all goes well) since there are lots of small regulations for things one can only shake their head at, but that’s our government and we elected them. Our signage is also being designed, which is exciting, since that’ll be the first thing anyone sees when rolling up to the brewery and it’ll hopefully attract a lot of attention when driving by on Bonita Ave. So far all the designs are pretty nice, but it’s time to narrow them down to the ‘One’.

Also, check out our tasting room beer glass coasters, pretty cool, lazer etched old tree stump slices.

On the production side we are still only able to produce small batches, such as our recent batch of ‘Red Hammock’ IPA. I like to call it a “Summer IPA” since it’s fairly light and finishes with notes of citrus fruit, namely grapefruit. A perfect refreshing summer beer for any BBQ or just hanging around and swinging in that old red hammock under the shade tree. Everyone that’s tried it is giving this beer rave reviews. Otherwise it’s time for us to put on our winter beer hats and start brewing our ‘Shot in the Dark’ Black IPA and soon to be famous Holiday Ale.

Cheers until next time, and remember to support your local craft breweries!