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Excitement is starting to build

The excitement is starting to build as we’re (hopefully) weeks away from our ABC license, allowing us to start brewing more and getting out to some of the brew festivals and other beer events, which we’re looking forward to, so we can finally see all of you in person and share our brews with more than just the local group.

The construction has started on parts of the main production facility which is long awaited, it’s not just a warehouse anymore, yah! But at the end of the day, nothing beats the smells & sounds as when we’re mashing and boiling a batch, even if it’s on our small batch equipment for now.

There is much more I’d like to share, but I can’t jump the gun until it’s official. The momentum is definitely building as we plow ahead to get this dream off the ground and share it with the local community as well as all our currant and new friends we’ve made (making) along the way. Keep watching and we hope to be serving you all in the not so distant future, and remember to support your local breweries.

Cheers My Friends!

Getting very close

We are getting very close to the day when we can start brewing and selling our beer, or what we call our passion. We have been working very hard with our local government and it’s finally paying off because we received our conditional use permit approval. We’ve also been working with them to change the zoning for our location to allow the tasting room, since it requires different zoning than our brewery. We’ve received a real lesson in local government , when all we really wanted was to brew great beer. I guess that’s the price you pay when follow your dreams. With these final pieces done we hope to have our ABC license finished shortly allowing us to brew and sell our  handcrafted beer and spread joy and pleasure throughout our community.

On a more fun note, our second annual hop crop (that’s kind of fun to say) is out of control and growing stronger than ever. The plants are much stronger this year as they’ve taken hold from their maiden year and they’re producing hop flowers in record volume (ok, so it’s way more than last year), but there are more than enough to make a batch with only Old Stump farms hop. We’ll let everyone know when the batch is brewed and released.

That’s it for now and remember to support your local Craft Breweries, Cheers!

The waiting is the hard part

The waiting is the hard part, right now we are waiting for about 4 different agencies to do their thing, like background checks (I think my passed was all clean) so we can get our license. Oh and there’s the plan check too, which has come back with necessary changes to be made, so that’s getting done as well.

So to make all this red tape and waiting more fun, we’ve brewed an awesome Milk Stout that is perfect for one of these cool winter nights, not to mention pairing with some Irish Stew.

Don’t forget to follow us on facebook.com/oldstumpbrewery or untapped.com or twitter #oldstumpbrewery or pinterist.com and keep up with the latest in fun and places to see us.

Cheers and don’t forget to support your local craft breweries.

One more step closer

alcohol-reseller-licenseHappy Holidays to everyone, even though the holidays are upon us, we are still working tirelessly to bring you our handcrafted ales, construction plans have all been submitted to the city for approval and in fact we received a little Christmas present from the ABC recently, check it out.

We are one more step closer to our dream and some really good beer, boy that sounds like a win win. Keep watching for more updates and how things are progressing and remember to support your local breweries by drinking local craft beer.

The time has come

Folks, the time has come, yes it’s true we have a location. It’s been a long haul and we thought this day would never come, but it has. We will be in North Pomona on the corner of Bonita & Metropolitan. we found a 12,000 sq ft building with plenty of parking. I never realized all the requirements a brewery has, until we tried finding a location that met all of our needs and all the local government needs. It wasn’t easy, but it’s done and we are now on the move.

brewery-buildingNow the Architect starts his work and all the red tape for city, county and federal government applications, plans checks, licensing . . . and all I want is to brew beer!

We have of course been brewing beer, working on test batches and dialing in old recipes and creating new recipes. I’m getting really excited because I want to share them with all of you. We’ve just finished brewing our seasonal holiday ales and we’re getting ready for some new IPA recipes which we’re really excited about. Stay tuned to the latest up dates and latest happening as we build out the brewery and start brewing Old Stump Beer.

It’s been an interesting week

It’s been an interesting week, spent the day down at White Labs in San Diego working with yeast, tasting new blends they created, running tests on yeast health, vitality, viability and much more. They are a great group of professionals, and if you ever have a chance to go see them I highly recommend you go for it. Also, they’re great at fixing any fermenting issues you might have.

While looking for the brewery location (seems endless) we’re setting up accounts with vendors for ingredients, equipment purchases and even interior designers. Wow, what the “H”, I just wanted to brew beer, I never realized all the little parts to make this a reality, but I’ll say we’re having fun in the process. Our goal is to open before the holidays so finding the right spot with the right square footage, right number of parking spaces, right ceiling heights, enough power, and a whole list of requirements not to mention the blessing from the city, the ABC and all sorts of municipalities is really becoming our number one priority.

On the other hand, I’ve been brewing lots of test batches, which I can’t wait to start serving all of you who I hope to see soon when we open. Cheers, and support your local craft brewers by drinking their craft beer.

Jump the gun

I don’t want to jump the gun, but we might have found our brewery location, but it’s one of those good news bad news kind of deals. The good news is, it’s a neat old building with lots of character. The bad news is that it’s a neat old building. So for now we have some engineers and architects trying to determine if we can make it happen at a reasonable cost and time frame.
Another bit of news is the Old Stump Brewery logo is almost ready, it’s just going through some final editing, and we hope it will be ready next week for unvailing, so stay tuned and be the first to see it. Lastly for today’s update, we just finished a nice Brown Ale that is a big hit with all of our tasting panel and looks like it might be a regular at the Old Stump Brewery tasting room. So for now Cheers and remeber to supprt your local craft breweries.

The word is out!

The word is out, we’ve had to change our name (as advised to us by those pencil pushers that watch our back) and if you haven’t seen or heard it yet the new name is . . . wait for it . . . wait for it, The Old Stump Brewery! Tah Dah. Non the less what’s in a name, at the end of the day the beer is what counts and we’re still making amazing beer and adding new recepies all the time. We can’t wait to offer them up to the public, and when do you say that will happen? Our target is right before the holidays later this year.

I wish I had more for you this week about the brewery, but most of what is happening right now is looking for the right location and stuff that would probably bore you. So until next time, keep an eye out for The Old Stump Brewery, which you can follow onwww.facebook.com/OldStumpBrewery. Until next time, be happy and support your local breweries.

Picking up speed

Things are definitely picking up speed with the brewery. We’re looking at more properties tomorrow and really trying to narrow things down into a short list of locations. I hope we find the correct location soon since we have a crew of support staff (sub-contractors) ready and waiting to jump on the licensing, permiting and construction side of the start up. We have been meeting with interior designers, equipment manufacturers, contractors. . . and besides all that we’re still playing with new recipies and yeast strains so we can provide a truely unique and enjoyable experience at the brewery.

On a different note we were down in Temecula last weekend and where able to visit 4 of the local breweries. We tasted their beers and admired their production and tasting facilities, we were really impressed with their beers, the different interiors, and layouts. If you get a chance go visit them and enjoy an afternoon with good beer and people.

Bureaucratic red tape

Well I’m sure you’ve all been wondering why we haven’t had any updates for sometime. The reason is we’ve run straight into a mess of bureaucratic red tape with our name or what attornies call a trademark. It appears that there is a similar business all the way across the country in a similar trade (not a brewery however) and thus the attorneys feel it would be confusing to all potential customers, which business is which, and thus they have placed a road block against our great name. So we have been working on a new name which we hope to release shortly, after we have cleared any trademark issues.

Onto better news, we are now looking at a short list of properties and would like to identify the final resting place for our brewery home within the next month.