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Keep your eye out for us

Well, we are excited this week because the BullHead City AZ River Float will be held this weekend 8/11 and The Pour House Brewery will be there. Keep your eye out for us we have a whole crew out there and you should be able to spot us (if all goes well) since our new T-shirts should be in just before the event. If you do spot us come by, we have some extra shirts we’ll be giving out and even some Pour House cups, so stop and say hello and out at the river you know we always have a keg on board.

Back to the brewery, we just received some new equipment for our testing allowing us to really dail in our quality control and  hieghten the level of consistancy with our recepies. As you can imagine a high quality product is our number one concern for all of you to enjoy.

Extremely busy

We’ve been extremely busy here at the Pour House Brewery, with all the legal stuff needed to get this project up and running. As you can imagine this isn’t the fun stuff that gets us or you excited about. Some of the more interesting accomplishments are as follows; we’ve submitted for our national trademark and so far it’s been accepted so it looks good and we can now use the TM by our name. Also, we’re working with a sketch artists perfecting our logo (The Pour House), cleaning it up so we can get a more profession look to match our beer. We have a final draft and are just making final changes to really dail it in. I can’t wait to reveal it on our wedsite with T-shirts and some fun stuff to follow on the on-line store. We’ve also met with banks and investors trying to increase our capital footprint so we’re not starting this venture like so many businesses (in gerneral) with a to limited budget having to cut corners. Beyond that we are still looking for the right location and have been having a really hard time finding the right place that meets all our requirements, but also the governments requirements, as well as, the landlord’s requirements.

On to more fun stuff, the Beer, We’ve dialed in some nice easy drinking summer beers,  like our fresh Barbwire Blonde Ale using some new and unique yeast strains and a fun Watermelon Ale that reminds us of those hot afternoons at Grandma house when we were off from school for the summer. We’re also having a lot of fun dailing in our IPA’s and playing around with different Hop combinations for that special hoppy aroma and flavor we all search for.