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Picking up speed

Things are definitely picking up speed with the brewery. We’re looking at more properties tomorrow and really trying to narrow things down into a short list of locations. I hope we find the correct location soon since we have a crew of support staff (sub-contractors) ready and waiting to jump on the licensing, permiting and construction side…

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Bureaucratic red tape

Well I’m sure you’ve all been wondering why we haven’t had any updates for sometime. The reason is we’ve run straight into a mess of bureaucratic red tape with our name or what attornies call a trademark. It appears that there is a similar business all the way across the country in a similar trade (not…

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Keep your eye out for us

Well, we are excited this week because the BullHead City AZ River Float will be held this weekend 8/11 and The Pour House Brewery will be there. Keep your eye out for us we have a whole crew out there and you should be able to spot us (if all goes well) since our new T-shirts should be in…

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Extremely busy

We’ve been extremely busy here at the Pour House Brewery, with all the legal stuff needed to get this project up and running. As you can imagine this isn’t the fun stuff that gets us or you excited about. Some of the more interesting accomplishments are as follows; we’ve submitted for our national trademark and so…

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