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The Tasting Room

Old Stump Brewing Co.™, brewing a wide variety of beer styles to appeal not just to the beer aficionado, but to everyone’s taste pallet, making our tasting room the best place to relax and have a good time. Here are just a few Old Stump Brewing Co.™ craft beers for you to look forward to tasting:

Light Beers

Light beer refers to beer which is reduced in alcohol content or in calories, compared to regular beers.

  • Blonde Conniption Ale
  • Honey Blonde Ale
  • Hugh-Hefeweizen
  • Torrey Pines Pilsner
  • Show Me Ur Melons Watermelon Blonde
  • Muffin Top Blueberry Blonde
  • Jalapeño Business Blonde

Hoppy Beers

IBUs have become a synonym for hops themselves, rather than simply bitterness. More IBUs equal more hoppy aromas and flavors. However, simultaneously, the very definition of hoppy has expanded. Not long ago, “mild,” “floral” and “spicy” constituted a pretty complete list of adjectives for hop flavors.

  • Shady Hammock citra IPA
  • Disarray IPA
  • Double D’s Double IPA
  • Mosey Cat IPA
  • Fat Mosey DIPA
  • Summer IPA
  • Devil’s Addiction Black IPA